I deny that time exists
I deny that we grow old
Everything that’s ever been
Everyone we’ve ever known
Is with us now


Time collapses
Time reverses
Time walks out
In stolen hearses
Feel the life
That’s all around you
People seem to pass right by you
But no—
They only turn away


In some great beyond
Infinity glimpses in broken pieces
Smiles shown on fading faces
Hands to hold
The back of a car
The movie ends
The lights go up
Collect your things
You’re hair’s mussed up 


I have all I need right now
I don’t need you any more
I’ll see you later anyway
I’ll see you where I did before
The clinging one-piece on the lawn
The time you took me to the floor
The time I held you in the park
That day outside the shopping mall
Suburban dreams that go to dust
Days gone by in wanton lust
Younger then and older now
I keep you with me anyhow
Where skin stays fresh and lean and smooth
Where hands that hold can also move
Where everything I’ve ever had
Where time collapses