Things are dark, things have . . . gone to shit
I’m just gonna sit here and . . . have a sit
Sit and do nothing for the rest of the day
Yeah, I’m just gonna watch these squirrels play

Look at that one, running ’round that tree
Look at his brother, sitting and looking at me
I take my well-earned arguments and all I’ve got to say
And I’m just gonna watch these crazy squirrels play

They don’t go nowhere, but it sure looks like fun
I’d kill anybody who took after ’em with a gun
Don’t care about your car and your fine array
‘Cause all I gotta do is watch these squirrels play

I hear the talk on the left and on the right
I hear that shit go down every night
To me it ain’t worth a thing, it’s just a waste of space
About as productive as watching these fucking squirrels play

Well at least they have fun, at least they’re digging life
They don’t care about my toil and strife
There’s a black one and a white one in the same damn tree
If I stay a little longer, maybe they’ll play with me

Squirrels Audio