Days of playing peek a boo are done
I see you now I see the sun
And when I think that I might come undone I look again
’cause you’re not gone

When you we small we used to play
We had a million ways to fill the day
Now I see you and you’re oh so big I look again
‘Cause you’re not gone

Playing in the ocean, dancing in the sea
Baby I see you, but do you see me?
Building sand with castles might be a way to go
But baby I see you just so you know

Our Christmas miracle come to life
You were the end of our long strife
We thought we knew you but we were wrong
We look again
‘Cause you’re not gone

And if we could pack up all these days
Hide ’em in a drawer pack them away
I know we would just to hear you say
Mommy I’m still here–I am not gone

You think you know how things will be
I’d give it all so you might see
The future’s never what it’s meant to be
It’s up to you
‘Cause you’re not gone

So hold on to the things you know are dear
Hold them up close from year to year
‘Cause some day everything is gone
But we’ll live on
If only in this song