Fur money
Farm money
Boat money
Slave money
Sell you down the river for the
‘Lou money

Brick money
Lead money
Iron money
Coal money
Dig it here, burn it there, turn it all back into
‘Lou money

Feed money
Meat money
Beef money
Pork money
Open up and eat it, it’s just
‘Lou money

Truck money
Barge money
Rail money
Bridge money
Go anywhere you want for your
‘Lou money

Grocery money
Dry goods money
Shoe money
Hat money
Retail, wholesale, just don’t chase your own tail
‘Lou money

Strike money
Riot money
Blood money
Greg’ry up the Arch money
Gotta walk the line for the
‘Lou money

Tank money
Shell money
Cartridge money
Bomb money
Wrestling at the Chase to win the
‘Lou money

Doctor money
Funeral money
Grave money
Headstone money
It’s just the ’round and ’round of life with the
‘Lou money