Through the half lids of me eyes
I think about that time between your thighs
and how you said that all that’s fixed must first be broken

And in the palm if my right hand
you traced your kisses through the sand
and I thought well this must be love or so I’m hopin’

And when you had me on my knees
I looked at you you looked at me
we looked away well at least at least well that was somethin’

So we said good night at last
and I just held you to the mast
of that sharp ship that sails throughout the night out of Hoboken

Which is a place I’ve never been
and a sight I’ve never seen
but don’t leave me now don’t leave me now I hope you’re jokin’

‘Cause when you laugh I feel it comin’
and the joke’s on me or somethin’
just remember me ’cause your last word’s gone unspoken