Well they took the six million
Shoved ’em in the oven
They took the six million
Sent ’em right on up to heaven
So when I hear–
“Them people are taking over”
When I hear
“Our end is coming soon”
I say, “That looks good on you, man
Yeah, it looks good on you to me
I say, it looks real good on you, baby
It looks good on you, I think.”

They took 13 million
Two million died along the way
That leaves about 10 million
10 million turned into slaves
Now they say, “That black man
he wants more than what I got”
Now they say, “That black woman
she got more than what’s in my pot.”
And I say, “That looks good on you, man
Yeah, I think that’s just fine
I say, it looks great on you, friend
You can have mine, anytime.”

They think maybe 12 million
Once called this land home
Last time I checked
I think that number’s down to five
Still a lot of school kids
say, “You’re lucky just to be alive.”
Shoot a toy arrow over their heads
They say, “Bang red man, you’re dead.”
I say, “If you want it back, just take it
We’ve had it long enough
This brown land looks good on you, baby
You can have it, ’cause we’ve fucked it up.”

Yeah, it all looks good to me
Guess that’s all I got left to say
It all looks good to me
I want to give it all away