This Wednesday, Ellen and I will celebrate our 25th anniversary.

We have both had jobs for almost of all those years. But this will be our second consecutive anniversary that I have been technically unemployed.

wedding photo

No paycheck. No benefits. No vacation time. No sick time. Just waiting time.

I have filled that time as best I could. I created and launched the Write Fox website, took every freelance job I could get, and became something I thought I’d never be: a shameless self-promoter. I also looked for full-time jobs–about 35 of them in 2015, resulting in half a dozen interviews and a few second interviews at some great employers.

But here I sit.

Well, now I’m entering a new phase. This fall, both girls will be at Crossroads College Prep, which will make logistics of working full-time again a lot easier. And because of the lag between applying for jobs and getting jobs, the time to start seriously applying for fall is now.

With all of that said, we are extremely fortunate. We have amazing kids. We have very supportive extended families . We have lots of friends. We have a great house, with great neighbors, in a good neighborhood. We have good connections in the community.

And I have Ellen.

Like my mom did, Ellen supports me and all my schemes. Always, and in all ways.

Want to write for a startup magazine out of East St. Louis? “Sounds interesting!” Need childcare so I can hear an author speak? “I’ll call mom.” Small amounts of money slowly dribbling in from work done weeks ago? “We’ll figure it out.” Want to train for a half marathon though you’ve never run a full mile in your life? “Just be careful.”

There was a time when one worker could support a family, but that time is passed. Like everyone else, we live in a new economy now, but my home economy has been the same for 25 years. Love is our currency. Patience, our dividend. Understanding, our savings.

So here’s to Ellen–and here’s to continuing to grow The Write Fox as I job hunt and even after I finally get that full-time job. Like we’ve done everything else, we’ll do that together, too.

Because no one stays married for 25 years by going it alone.