We are all in cancer’s waiting room
With the old toys over here, and the shitty old magazines over there
And the clock on the wall that says “Time’s Up”

Outside there may be a plane crash
Or a car crash or a slab of concrete falling from the sky
But really–cancer’s waiting room is where it’s at

It’s where we all end up
Only a matter of time, only a matter of where and when and how far gone
What will it take, what will it cost, to stave off the inevitable

Winners and survivors, yes, but what do they get?
Just another pause in the action before the fun begins again
Needles hooked to tubes hooked to bottles

A pound of me taken for an ounce of cure, and then …

Well, enough of this. Live your life.
Smell the grass, plunge the earth, bury yourself in life and love
Then see what grows from that fertile mound.