Social media is full of meaningless, impractical, and sometimes useless “inspirational” messages.

So I’d like to offer 5 easy, no-cost things you can do today to improve your mental and physical health.

  1. Make Your “To Do” List a “Get to Do” List. Virtually every daily chore has an upside. Have to pay bills? Be glad you have the money! Have to clean house? Hey, you have a house! Running your kids somewhere? Congratulations, you won the fertility lottery! You get the idea.
  2. Take the Win. You’ll notice small improvements happening all the time if you are open to them. Look for them all the time–even the ones that seem the most insignificant.
  3. Park Further Away. Don’t stress yourself out, risk your car, risk your life, and risk other people’s lives by trying to get the best parking space in the lot. Who cares? Park further away, where no one else is. No one will ding you with your car door, you’ll get a little exercise, and you’ll be forced to slow down. Plus, see #1: YOU HAVE A CAR!
  4. Use the Stairs. If you’re blessed with functioning legs, take the stairs! No waiting for the elevator, no awkward silence on the way up or down, and you’ll even get a little exercise. Bonus points for bouncing up or mindfully flexing on the way.
  5. Hold a Rock. Hey, the dumbest rock has already survived millions of years longer than you will! And while you can think about how short and meaningless your life is as you hold that rock, you can also realize that it means you can try virtually anything that you’re able to try. Hardly anyone has the power to literally end the world.