I don’t take naps
‘cause waking up is too much work.
The move from horizontal to vertical,
Gravity pulling limbs and organs
As if to say, “No, stay, just as you are.”

The inertia that spins the earth,
The force created by the spinning,
Is too much for you, and too dear—
It demands too much, and when you rest,
It just wants to demand more.

The door slammed shut, the varying explanations
The querulous looks of 1,000 inquisitors
Who just want to know—well, what did you do wrong this time?
And by the time you realize
Those voices are prattling on their own,
And only in your head,
You may as well be asleep again,
For all the good it does.

And for all the good you do,
Spinning on your rock where the g-forces pull you
When they don’t tear you apart,
The good deeds never gone unpunished
The kind word never heard
The favor never notice
The inevitability of failure,
As sure as too balls falling
From the already leaning Tower of Pisa
Will hit the earth at exactly